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As published in “Transforming the Nature of Health: A Holistic Vision of Healing That Honors Our Connection to the Earth, Others, and Ourselves” by Marcey Shapiro MD

“And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make”



Love Wave One:  Spring 2012 

    The World Love Waves are simple, but powerful focusing tools for positive support of the earth, and for transformation of consciousness. They are guided meditations, the first of which is posted now, that  connect us  to each other and to our planet Earth. I was inspired to create and offer this site from a series of visions I had in 2008 and 2009. In them, I saw Waves of Love emanating from people around the globe helping create a common language of Love, harmony, joy and good will that nourishes our beloved planet Earth and connect us more deeply with the divine intelligence of our galaxy. This earlier inspiration was augmented by my desire to offer a free service to the world community, in conjunction of the publication of my book, so I offer the first of these meditations here. 

    The guiding idea behind the love waves is that our focus,  individually or collectively, shapes our external experience of reality. If you wonder, personally, if the focus of your thoughts really affects your external experience,  look inside your self. Consider how many choices you make because of fear and how many because of love? Examine your experiences of the outcomes of each type of choices. For myself, I have noticed that my fear- based choices have not ever led to anything really good or anything I really wanted.  I have come to realize that in every instance, as I choose love, I flourish, and my joy increases. As I choose love, the world around me looks more and more to me like an image of that love.

    The visions I received indicated that it would be easy for people to focus together positively. This could be done at significant, simple to remember points of the year. The natural compass of the year is observed in solstice and equinoxes. These days mark the natural cycling of the seasons, and link us with past and future generations as well as with the larger cosmos of the solar system and the galaxy. They are the perfect times to offer these Waves.  Some people may want even more group meditation or positive focus times. Any time to focus on well being and love for our world is a good time.

The more we participate in shared experiences like Love Waves, and the more of us who participate, the more the vision expands. The Waves blanket the earth with “good vibrations;” with Love, with harmony, with light, with well-being. The waves include as many people as are inspired by this vision, as it is an inclusive vision. We are all good. We are all loved by our creator, by source, by all that is, by God, by our inner essence, however we understand this to be. The love waves are non-denominational. You do not have to identify with any particular faith, and you can identify with any faith. 

I was shown that as humans focus positively together through tools like the The Waves, coherence and harmony grow on our planet and in our hearts.  As coherent and uplifting Waves of Love continue cycling the globe, greater love, greater mutual understanding, and greater harmony can result from out common focus on love well being and ease. 

So I hope you enjoy this heartfelt offering of love.  


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Download the Guided Meditation.Meditation/Meditation.html

Whatever we send out is best sent from Love.

It should feel good, high, happy, joyous, wonderful.

As we send the beam of love, we receive the beam, in equal measure.

I believe that the universe is composed of a fabric of ever expanding love. Our personal and planetary well being grows as we nurture loving self awareness

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